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5 Things That Inspire My Creativity


The Comfort Zone is Where Creativity Goes to Die

For the past 10 years I have been in a creative recliner. If there was a “design button” on my keyboard, I’m pretty sure I would have found it. 

For a freelance designer, that comfort zone is, most certainly, what mountaineers refer to as “the death zone”. If you stay there for too long, your creativity dies. I was there 10 years too long.

Recently, I had a change in my business that forced me to reevaluate my career very quickly. It was scary. But, in hindsight, saved my creative life. The discomfort of new and different challenges jumpstarted my creativity. I rediscovered my passion for design and the important role it plays in my life.

I also rediscovered what inspires my creativity.


What Makes My Creative Tick

There is a standard list of things that inspire creativity. Listen to music and take a walk are two that come to mind. Their purpose is to put our mind in the right space that is prime for creating.

But here’s a thought. If each mind is unique and each human experience is different, wouldn’t we all have our own creative catalysts as well?

These are mine. Maybe different than yours, maybe not, but these are the things that help me create.


1. My People

I surround myself with people that are unlike me. That’s what makes life interesting. That’s what makes life colorful. I don’t want to live in a world where everyone looks like me, acts like me and thinks like me. Differences challenge me and inspire me.


2. Physical Activity

I like to get my butt kicked. No walking or pilates for this girl. Physical activity that leaves me in a puddle on the floor is what clears my mind.  When my mind is clear, the magic happens.


3. The Shower

The one place where there are no distractions. The water is hot, the fan overhead is purring and the rest of the world disappears. Creative ideas happen in the shower.


4. 3 AM

Or anytime I awake at night and my subconscious is still singing loud and clear, I listen. Sometimes that idea is just under the surface and when I’m not trying to make it happen, it appears.


5. Nature

Mother Nature is the original creative. With all her beauty, texture, color and pattern I can’t help but be inspired. Okay, so this one might be on your standard list of creative inspirations, but there’s no denying the power of nature. 


Those are five of the things that inspire me, what inspires you? Find your creative stimulants and take them regularly.