The Brink

Graphic Design in Oceanside

Modern and fresh freelance graphic designer in Oceanside with over 20 years of experience. Providing exemplary work that gets your brand noticed with no templates or cookie cutter design. 


Hi. My name is Lisa Brink. I am a freelance graphic designer.

As a young child, I grew up outside of Florence, Italy. I studied art and music. I learned about design, fashion, horticulture, cooking and le joie de vivre. I then moved to Vancouver, Canada where I spent much of my youth learning about the great outdoors and began to develop my love for adventure. I left Vancouver to attend college in Pasadena, California at the Art Center College of Design. I graduated with a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design and went on to work at a few small design firms around Southern California. I decided the best way to connect with the clients that gave me passion for creating, was to start a new adventure, on my own. Once I began my freelance journey, I knew it was the right environment for me to reach my full creative potential and to keep my hunger for diversity alive. Today, I am fortunate to live in a world with technology that has afforded me the freedom to communicate and collaborate with people around the world. I currently live in San Diego, California, but enjoy the ability to work with my clients, both nationally and internationally.  

I find my inspiration comes in many different forms. A wave. A laugh. A smell. Pure silence. Sometimes I just have to close my eyes to find my visual voice. Often, a client's passion and love for their business inspires me to put form to their vision.

There are three areas I find myself spending most of my time in.

I am always excited by the love people have for their new business ideas. Their passion and excitement is contagious. It brings out the best in me. Creating a graphic identity for their ideas and bringing them to life and success is always gratifying.

As a woman myself, I find much joy in giving other women's ventures a visual voice. Women have a unique ability to overcome obstacles and fight to bring their vision to reality. I respect that drive and always want to be a part of changing the status quo.

Growing up in Italy, I developed an early love for food. It has always been a centerpiece for family gatherings and never fails to warm my soul. My love and passion for food drew me into creating a visual voice for the food industry early in my career and continues.

As a graphic designer, I understand that I am a piece of a larger whole. I work hard to develop a partnership with my clients so that I can do my part to create designs that provide a memorable brand for you. I will start by listening to you and identifying your goals, I will then, create unique designs that communicate your goals and bring your vision to life!

Editorial, menu and catalog design, logo and corporate identity design, book cover, brochure and poster design, packaging design, website design, wedding invitations, art direction of photo shoots and more. I have worked in many industries, including: food and beverage, hospitality, fashion, music, film, art, technology, medicine, sports and fitness, business, travel, automotive and non-profit and charity.

I look forward to being a part of your adventure!